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Hazardous Tree Removal

Though majestic it many different ways, trees can also pose a threat to its surroundings whether that be utility areas, structures, buildings, and the lives of others. There are a few different ways to handle this matter but it should be assessed by a professional arborist in order to deal with it in the best way possible.

A hazardous tree is one with structural defects that cause failure of all or part of the tree. Such a tree could strike a target like a vehicle, building, or a place where people gather such as a park bench, picnic table, street, or backyard. Regular tree inspections to identify and manage hazard trees can protect property and save lives.

There are several physical signs that Arborists look for to recognize a hazard tree. These include:

Dead Wood which is often dry and brittle and cannot bend in the wind. It is unpredictable and can break and fall at any time so it can be especially dangerous.

Cracks i.e.deep splits that extend through the bark into the wood. They are an indication that the tree is already failing.

Weak Branch Unions are places where branches are not strongly attached to the tree.

Decay like soft or crumbly wood or a cavity where the wood is missing can pose a serious hazard. Growth of mushrooms, conks, and brackets growing on root flares, stems, or branches are indicators of advanced decay.

Cankers are caused by wounding or disease. A canker is a localized area on the stem or branch of a tree, where the bark is sunken or missing. The presence of a canker increases the chance of the stem breaking near the canker.

Root Problems: Trees with root problems are likely to blow over and fall without warning in wind storms. Soil mounding, twig dieback, dead wood in the crown, and discolored or smaller than normal leaves are symptoms often associated with root problems. As most defective roots are underground and out of sight, above ground symptoms serve as the best warning.

Poor Tree Architecture like trees with strange shapes or leaning trees indicates weakness or structural defects and imbalance. Poor architecture often arises after many years of damage from storms, unusual growing conditions, improper pruning, topping, and other damage.

Multiple defects indicate that a tree is extremely hazardous and must be dealt with immediately.

Once the hazard tree has been identified, a complete evaluation of the extent of the hazard is the done. This is followed by corrective measures like moving the target, tree pruning or tree removal. Trees of significant historical or landscape value can be preserved by cabling and bracing.

Beard’s Tree Service is your perfect answer to your hazardous tree, go ahead and give us a call!

When trees are in danger of falling, breaking or endangering the surroundings, this is an obvious candidate for removal. A healthy standing tree will become potentially dangerous when the tree’s ‘trunk’ or woody structure is weakened by defects. See, during storms, trees may have had pre-existing defects that weren’t apparent which would make them predispose to failure. There so-called defects are signs that a tree will have the potential to be dangerous.

A visible crack in one of the major warning signs that a tree will fail. These cracks form when the load of the tree over-does the capacity of the trunk to hold the load. These cracks will happen in the stems, or roots and in the branches as well. It’s the wood behind the crack that is most likely decaying or it has a cavity (missing). There are several types of cracks which can be found in all types of trees. Cracks become hazardous when they compromise the structure of the tree. When this happens it splits the stem in two. There is another defect, such as internal decay which doesn’t provide enough strong wood in the outer trunk to fully support the tree.

When homeowners see the presence of multiple cracks and decay, they need to know that this indicates a very defective tree. Any type of property owner that we come across is told by us at Beard’s Tree Service that tree failure is one of the major causes of property damage. When heavy rain or high winds hit the area, this can cause a cracked tree to fall under its own weight. Homeowners worried about trees falling and damaging property need to call us right away at Beard’s Tree Service

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